St Kitts Nevis Real Estate Buyers Guide

St Kitts Nevis Real Estate Buyers Guide

Property Investment in St Kitts Nevis

St. Kitts Real Estate and Nevis Real Estate have been known for one thing apart from its unspoilt natural beauty, and that is the very high return on investment(ROI) received by property owners in St Kitts and Nevis.

St Kitts Nevis Real Estate and Nevis Real Estate offers the highest return on investment in the eastern Caribbean and is noted to be the number one economy in the Eastern Carribbean. The island is home to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Owning Property in St Kitts has never been more attractive, St.Kitts Real Estate and Nevis Real Estate owners and developers greatly benefit from the very high number of expatriate professionals and wealthy retirees from North America and Europe that reside on the island.

Currently there are several offshore medical schools in St Kitts and Nevis, such as windsor medical university, ross university, the university of medical and health sciences , because of the offshore medical schools located on st kitts nevis there are many professors, executives, doctors and students who enter St Kitts and Nevis each year to live and work who require suitable housing.

St.Kitts Property owners and Nevis Property owners also benefit from the many foreign embassies and missions being opened on St Kitts and Nevis along with many international organizations who have decided to open offices on the islands of St Kitts and Nevis.

The foreign embassies, missions and universities offer St Kitts Nevis Property owners and persons with property for sale in St Kitts a very discerning clientele with high levels of income, who are ready, willing and able to rent and purchase property.

A number of persons worldwide have also relocated to St Kitts and Nevis due to very favourable tax structuring which allows persons of great wealth to settle comfortable and preserve assets and their wealth.
Key Investment Points for Purchasing Property in St Kitts and Nevis

Title can be held personally or confidentially in a local Corporation or Trust.
There is no imposed requirement to develop land within a stipulated time. Undeveloped land can be held indefinitely for future use or investment.
St Kitts Citizenship can be obtained by Real Estate Investment.
St Kitts Nevis has a stable political and trusted legal system.
St Kitts Nevis Government guarantees title via Government Assurance Fee.
St Kitts Nevis has modern land registry system, making transfer of title simple and accurate.
The Eastern Caribbean Currency is the primary currency in St.Kitts Nevis and is a very stable currency.
No Income Taxes.

St Kitts Nevis Property Ownership Policy

St Kitts and Nevis has zoned areas whereby foreigners can purchase property without pay land alien taxes. Land Alien License is sought and obtained from the St Kitts Nevis Ministry of Sustainable Development. The Land Alien license costs 10% of the selling price of the propety. Agreements for the purchase of property are therefore made contingent upon the purchaser securing this licence. A licence entitles the purchaser to own a specific property and is non-transferable.

Our Firm’s Attorney will normally assist the purchaser with the preparation and submission of the licence application to Government.

Condominiums in St Kitts Nevis attract a fee of 6% stamp duty and must be paid by the vendor.
All other land and property sales attract a 12% Transfer tax and must be paid by the vendor.
Assurance fee must be paid by the purchaser and is 0.002% of sales.

No Capital Gains Tax on property transfers.
No Estate or Inheritance Taxes.
No Corporate Taxes or Exchange Controls.

St. Kitts Real Estate Sales

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